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Things To Do in Collingwood

& The Blue Mountains

Whether you live here, ski here, or are a vacationer, there are plenty of fun things to do in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains area of Georgian Bay


Offering more tourist attractions, cultural events, and entertainment opportunities than communities many times their size, the townships of Collingwood and The Blue Mountains have together become one of Ontario’s most visited vacation destinations.

Pay a visit any time of year and you’ll find many fun things to do here. From cultural events and festivals to art shows and theatre performances to thrilling outdoor activities and endless adventures, Collingwood and The Blue Mountains offer no end of world-class attractions.

For many, the big draw is the region’s stunning natural attractions. These include the ancient Scenic Caves, an area of outstanding natural beauty that’s fun to explore, as well as the rugged shoreline of Georgian Bay. Other natural highlights include the many trails atop the Niagara Escarpment, a natural phenomenon that stretches from here all the way to Niagara Falls, and the world’s largest freshwater beach at Wasaga.


Year-Round Things To Do in Collingwood & The Blue Mountains


As popular in winter for its skiing as it is in summer for sports like mountain biking and golf, there’s little wonder that Collingwood and The Blue Mountains have become Ontario’s most sought-after year-round playground.

Food and drink lovers will relish the region’s vibrant culinary scene. Sample local dishes at upscale restaurants, explore the Apple Pie Trail for local cider tastings or visit the prestigious Collingwood Cooking Academy for hands-on gourmet cooking classes. And breweries like the Collingwood Brewery and Side Launch Brewing Company offer tours and tastings, showcasing the area’s burgeoning craft beer industry.

Art and culture thrive in Collingwood’s historic downtown area, where you can explore local galleries like Tremont Studios or the Butter Gallery. Interested to learn about the area’s rich history? A visit to The Collingwood Museum will let you take a deep dive into the area’s storied past, from its early shipbuilding days right up to the present.


Enjoy a Vacation in Southern Georgian Bay


Of course, visiting Collingwood and the Blue Mountains needn’t be all go, go, go. Relaxation seekers can unwind at the iconic Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, a renowned wellness retreat offering thermal baths, saunas, and massage therapies amidst a serene, forested setting.


Combine your pampering session with a stay at a luxury hotel in Collingwood or any one of the many fine resorts in The Blue Mountains, and you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

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