Photo Courtesy Town of The Blue Mountains

Destinations Thornbury

Thornbury features the very best news and reviews related to luxury experiences, lifestyles and travel opportunities in Thornbury. Part of The Blue Mountains, picturesque Thornbury is the quintessential Ontario town, featuring numerous well-preserved redbrick heritage homes and businesses along its shop-lined main street.

As popular for day-trippers as it is for those who choose to live here, the top things to do include tours of the Thornbury Village Cider House & Brewery (beer and cider samples available!), exploring its lovely harbourfront area (sailing, fishing or diving off the harbour walls optional), or simply getting in some shopping in the town’s boutique stores. It’s also a great place to drink and dine, with popular locations including The Dam Pub and Bruce’s Wine Bar always drawing a crowd.

Thornbury is also a good location to look for classy luxury homes and real estate for sale, whether in town or on the waterfront. Luxury home rentals are another option, particularly amongst those taking advantage of the town’s proximity to the region’s first-rate ski hills.

However you choose to spend your time, let LuxuryCollingwood & The Blue Mountains be your guide to Thornbury Ontario.