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Things To Do in Collingwood

& The Blue Mountains

Whether you live here, ski here, or are a vacationer, there are plenty of fun things to do in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains area of Georgian Bay


Offering more tourist attractions, cultural events, and entertainment opportunities than communities many times their size, the townships of Collingwood and The Blue Mountains have together become one of Canada’s most visited vacation destinations.

Pay a visit any time of year and you’ll find many fun things to do here, from famous musical extravaganzas like the annual Elvis Festival to art shows and theatre performances.


Fun Things to do in Collingwood & The Blue Mountains All Year Round


Collingwood and The Blue Mountains offer no end of world-class attractions. From spectacular natural attractions such as the ancient Scenic Caves to the rugged shoreline of Georgian Bay, from the slopes of the Niagara Escarpment to the world’s largest freshwater beach at Wasaga, this area offers rich pickings for those who love a diversity of scenery and outdoor activities.

As popular in winter for its skiing as it is in summer for sports like mountain biking and golf, there’s little wonder that Collingwood and The Blue Mountains have become Ontario’s most sought after year-round playground.